À la carte

Torricado | 5,50

Slice of bread, pear purée, goat cheese, hazelnuts and micro parsley.

Slice of rye bread, roasted bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, vegan cheese, dates, green olives tapenade and micro parsley.

Slice of rye bread, prosciutto, dry apricots in white wine syrup, cow cheese, mint leaves and arugula.

Slice of rye bread, navy beans pure with yogurt, smoked confit mackerel, red onion and micro coriander.

Smoked grilled sausages | 5,50

From north of Portugal made with bread, pork and chicken meat.

Classic Iberian sausage made with pork meat.

Black sausage made with pork meat.


Codfish | 12,00
Codfish, black-eyed peas, chinese cabbage, cherry tomato, red onion, feta cheese, green olives tapenade and micro coriander.

Octopus | 12,00
Octopus, black beans, roasted bell pepper, red onion, parsley and vinegar. Served with bread.

Vegan | 7,00
Selection of seasonal vegetables and fruits, dressing and mixed seeds.

Plate of cured smoked hams | 5,50

Thin sliced traditional smoked hams from Douro.


Cheese & Smoked ham | 4,50
Cheese & Prosciutto | 4,50
only with Cheese, Smoked ham or Prosciutto | 4,00

Served with rye bread, oregano leaves and olives.

While you wait

Basket of bread | 2,00
with olive oil from our trees.

Olives | 1,50

Plate of cheeses | 5,50

Cured cow, goat and sheep cheeses from Douro, served with homemade mango chutney.

Bola de carne | 5,50

Traditional Portuguese meat loaf made with bread, smoked hams and cheese.

Grilled medjool dates | 5,00

Plate of 4 medjool dates rolled in cured pork meat and cheese.

Vegan muffins | 5,00

2 vegan muffins with seasonal vegetables. Served with sweet potato chips.

Desserts, coffee and other drinks

Happy endings | 4,50

Peach mousse
with basil syrup.

Passion fruit flan pudding
with white chocolate and white wine syrup.

Homemade pumpkin jam
with goat cheese.

Coffee and other drinks

Espresso coffee or decaf | 1,00 (with milk + 0,50)
Double espresso | 2,00
Latte | 2,00
Herbal tea | 1,50
Natural grape juice | glass 20cl 3,00 | bottle 75cl 9,00

Handcrafted beer "Mesmo boa" | bottle 33cl 5,00
Aqua Nat Piquette "Uivo" | bottle 33cl 5,00
Water (still or sparkling) | bottle 70cl 2,00
Aguardente (grappa) | 2cl 2,00

Natural wines

Indulge in the experience of savouring wines that have been lovingly crafted from organic grapes in the picturesque Douro Valley. The grapes are manually harvested and the entire winemaking process is meticulously overseen, blending time-honored traditions with innovative techniques.

Our selection includes a variety of wines - white, red, orange, sparkling, or sweet - allowing you to choose the perfect pairing for your meal. Explore the unique flavours of over 15 different wines from our exclusive brand, Uivo, and elevate your culinary experience to new heights.


Moscatel Galego | Rabigato | Old vines | Loureiro | Cronológico
glass 15cl from 4,50 to 5,00 | bottle 75cl from 18,00 to 54,00

Red and Claret

Renegado Old vines | Semi | Old vines | Tinta Francisca | Cronológico
glass 15cl from 4,50 to 6,00 | bottle 75cl from 18,00 to 54,00


Curtido | Ânfora
glass 15cl 4,50 | bottle 75cl from 18,00 to 24,00


Rosé | White | Curtido | Renegado Old vines
bottle 75cl 20,00

Sweet wine

glass 7,5cl 8,50 | bottle 37,5cl 34,00

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